The Love Hunt

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The Love Hunt


The 2018 Love Hunt is a Valentine scavenger hunt and social initiative focused on mental wellbeing. For two weeks (February 1st-14th 2018) participants are instructed to complete small challenges, like writing a list of things things they are grateful for, forgiving someone who hurt them, or completing some physical activity. Additionally, they are given clues that help to locate gifts hidden by 57 North Hampton or other participants. This initiative, while fun, encourages participants to take steps towards improving their mental health while removing the negative sigma surrounding mental health and encouraging meaningful dialogue on the topic.


Since it’s beginning in 2015, thousands of people across fourteen states and even the island of St. Lucia have participated in the Love Hunt. Last year alone, our unique theme (Would you Rather) drew close to 1500 new players to the hunt!


During the hunt, participants are given tried and true tips in the form of challenges and tasks for maintaining their confidence, building positive self image, setting and reaching goals, managing anger and stress, recovering from abuse and much more. Physical challenges that are embedded into the two-week initiative also encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Each of these challenges is assigned a different point value and participants can log onto our leaderboard to get the challenges and log their points. At the end of the 14 day hunt, the participant with the highest score will win the grand prize! 


Available for 2018 this new addition was developed specifically for schools, churches, organizations or any other group wanting to boost morale, begin a real dialogue on mental health and provide tangible tips and real support.


By being a Valentine themed initiative that touts the importance of mental health, self love and confidence, the Love Hunt is an excellent tool for schools to use to capitalize on the season of love and still be inclusive and mindful to the needs of each member of their student body during what can often be a stressful and depressing time of year. Participating schools and organizations will be supported the whole way by our specialized Love Hunt team and helpful resources.